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  • Product Name:Multi conductor system
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  • Addtion Date:2014-02-27 03:31:19
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Product Introduction:

A  compact and multi purpose conductor system. The uninterrupted conductors ensure a perfect transmission of current feed as well as control and data signals. A flexible rubber sealing strip prevents penetration of dust or liquids.

Multiconductor is well suited for extremely long tracks and high travel speeds.

Multiconductor used world wide for cranes, traverse cars, automated warehouses, elevators, textile production, sluices, trains, even in extremely dusty humid or even corrosive environments.

Multiconductor can accommodate most applications including curved travels. Please consult our sales team for more information on what curves are available.

Technical Data
Conductor Capacity:
Up to 7
Current Capacities: 35, 50, 80, 125, 160A
Parallel Capacities: 250, 320A
Protection:  Up to IP44
Housing Lengths: 2, 4m
Temperature Range:  -30°C to +80°C
Maximum Speed:  250m/min
Suited For: Most Standard Appications
Colour: Red
Feed Options: End or Centre Feed
Additional Options: Sealing Strip
Curved Profile Option  


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