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Mobile Electrification Systems products Enclosed conductor systems

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  • Product Name:Enclosed Multiple Conductor Systems
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  • Addtion Date:2014-02-27 03:32:03
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Product Introduction:

ANNENG Powerail enclosed conductor systems are found in different configurations and numbers of conductors. Our new Powerail system HFP56, as well as our classics, HFP52,and HFP95 and HFP PVC Powerail,HFP Aluminium Powerrail,HFP55,HFP 16 poles Powerail. These are used mainly in the field of cranes. The PVC enclosed Powerail conductor systems are used in storage and sorting technology primarily due to their flat configuration.

Special: Conductors, Conductor Bars, Powerail, BusBars, Conductor Rail  
Type: For sale  
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